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Top 10 Reasons To Join Palo Alto Bicycle Club

10) would bike your way to health and happiness.
9) would remember to pray before a meal and stretch before a bike ride.
8) would remember to CYA in office and bike ride.
7) would remember when biking and talking. You are YELLING.
6) would remember any saddle no good for men, but might be fun for women.

Find out the rest by joining P.A.B.C. !!!

Club Membership

Come join us on a ride event and discover the benefits of joining Palo Alto Bicycle Club! Membership dues are $60 per year for an individual and $100 per year for a family.
To become a member, contact us by going to "Contact Us" page.

What's New?

Palo Alto Bicycle Club will be partnering with the non-profit Bikes for the World in a symbolic attempt to contribute to the recycling and re-use of old bicycles, and to emphasize ways in which bicycles truly make the world a better place.